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The Internet Brings an African and USA World Jazz Fusion Collaboration

Jacksonville FL July 24, 2016 — Can African tribal rhythms and United States jazz be married to create an exciting world fusion sound? Ghanaian Afrobeats/reggae recording artist Adam Ro and USA jazzrock recording artist Allen Weber are about to find out when they begin to collaborate on a new song.

Ro will write the lyrics, assemble a percussion section, and other instruments, and record them along with his vocals, Weber will write the chord changes, melody, and record the guitar parts. Together they will create a true World Fusion song combining the best of the original musical cultures of their respective countries.

“I’m really excited about this.”, said Weber, “I love mixing music from various cultures, and genres together while keeping the jazz flavor, and energy of rock” Ro added “I look forward to combining our music cultures into some great world jazz fusion. I’’m glad Allen and I are working on this together

Thanks to modern technology and the internet, it is easier than ever to collaborate with like minded people. And Weber and Ro are making use of the internet, recording their parts in their own respective countries and mailing them back and forth.

Ro and Weber met on the Social Media site Twitter, and after exchanging some messages and listening to each others recordings decided to colloborate on a song to be released.

Using resources on the internet, Weber was able to find different Ghanaian tribal drum rhythms and submit them to Ro who picked a couple he felt would work best. After a bit of discussion using email, Twitter messaging, and Skype, they settled on the feel they would use. Then Weber started writing the music.

Artist Details

Allen Weber

Weber, has been playing guitar and writing music since 1969 cites influences for his jazzrock music as: John McLaughlin; Joe Zawinul; Weather Report; Ramsey Lewis; Jeff Beck; Arturo Sandoval; Cannonball Adderley; Crusaders; and Carlos Santana (when he was playing jazz fusion in the mid to late 70’s) .

His Hot Shock physical cd is available at cdBaby , Amazon; among other stores.

And available Digitally at: iTunes; Amazon; and almost all on-line music stores.

His music can be streamed on:


Last.Fm and many more…

Adam Ro

Ro, who sings in Dendi, English, Spanish, and Hausa, has been singing since age 15, and started recording professionally in 2015. His influences include: Fela Kuti, Paul Simon, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Joseph Hill, Eric Donaldson, Alpha Blondy, Hugh Masekela, Femi Kuti, Angelique Kidjo, Miriam Makeba, Baba Maal, Koo Nimo, Michael Jackson, The Temptations, Phil Collins, and, Joseph Hill (Culture)

While in the process of renewing his contract with iTunes, he currently has put up a sampler on Soundcloud



Contact: Allen Weber

Allen Weber and or Adam Ro are available for interviews. If you need music for a review, or for radio play, or want to schedule an interview, please use fill in the contact form here.

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