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Meet Allen Weber’s Hot Shock

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Jazz-rock/fusion artist Allen Weber has very eclectic music taste and a background to match. Allen Weber is the leader, composer, arranger and guitarist in Allen Weber’s Hot Shock.

Allen’s Brief Run-down On Hot Shock:

I grew up and cut my musical teeth playing in Chicago, then LA (some session and live work), then NYC (some session and live work). I’m currently based in Jacksonville FL. I’ve toured the USA and Asia performing with various bands.

Like a lot of artists whose name is on their band, it is the artist (in this case… me) and “hired guns&rquo; for recording and performances. My case is no different. I am the main guy (writer, producer, arranger, chief cook and bottle washer 🙂 )

In 2011 I formed the jazz-rock/fusion band Allen Weber’s Hot Shock, using a variety of musicians on a show by show basis. In 2013 I was happy with the people I was working with and feeling it was time to record some material I had written that was getting a great audience reception… and feeling it was time to move to the next step… took them into the studio and recorded the Allen Weber Hot Shock (band) debut album entitled “Hot Shock”

In November 2013 my album Allen Weber Hot Shock was released. You can find it on Amazon.com, iTunes, Spotify, Last.fm, the JazzBox.ca, cdBaby.com, and many other places.

It is in rotation on terrestrial radio stations in the UK, and has been and is being played on terrestrial radio stations in the USA, Mexico, Germany and other countries.

Allen Weber’s Hot Shock performs at concerts, festivals, and clubs. In 2014 Allen released an EP called Live and Sparking

Brief Description of artist/show to be presented

A Funky Good Time!

Allen Weber’s Hot Shock is equally at home in blues, R & B, rock, funk, and jazz venues/stages. We are 99% instrumental, very high energy (not high volume) band.

You Can Describe The Music This Way:

Jazz-rock/Fusion infused with Latin, Carribeo, Funk,Blues, and R & B

You could almost say it is World Jazz Fusion

Imagine if Jeff Beck had joined Joe Zawinul to form Weather Report and they had more Caribbean and Latin influence.


Chicago is the home of jazz, boogie-woogie and blues from legendary artists who migrated or hailed from its’ inner cities ever since the 1920’s. Today one such artist is Allen Weber, a modern and contemporary musician who proudly upholds the jazz traditions of the past, present, and now future.” — Patrick Ross The Rhythmic Lounge magazine

“The band’s eclectic style includes: Jazz, Caribbean, Funk, Blues, Rock and R&B, which they have managed to form into a pleasantly cohesive sound that benefits from all these influences by never becoming boring or stale. There’s Still plenty of energy too…” — Paul Gibbins (music reviewer) Valkyrian Music web site.

Audio Clips for Radio Advertising

Will supply music clips if you let me know format and length, and will cut some specific voice tracks for booking like I did for some radio stations… e.g. “Hi I’m Allen Weber of Allen Weber’s Hot Shock and I’d like to invite you to an evening of Sandunga Jazz Fusion” etc.

3 Video Links

Here is a video of my band performing a song from the album. The song is called “Blues Sparks”. This was when we were filmed for the tv show on the CW TV network in the USA

Here is a snippet of the recording of “Lighting the Fire” @ Warehouse Studios for the album Allen Weber Hot Shock

Old version of “Crying Out Into Emptiness”

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