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Allen Weber JazzRock | Fusion Guitarist

Allen Weber

Born in Chicago, raised in the Chicagoland area.



Professional Organizations:

ASCAP (Writer and Publisher)

Professional Experience:

Toured USA and Asia, numerous clubs, concerts, festivals, and recording sessions.


Journeyman musician Allen Weber is another musician to emerge from Chicago’s music scene. At age 7 he learned to play piano. At age 11 he switched to trumpet. And at age 15 he finally moved to guitar, though he originally wanted to be a bass player after watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. As Weber put it “There were two guitars and only one bass, so I wanted to play bass.”

He played his first gig in a combo at age 16 for a school event and never looked back. Moving to small “hole in the wall” clubs he continued honing his musical chops, moving up the musical food chain to bigger name clubs, and small venue concerts, then on to tours in the USA and Asia including venues such as Chicago’s venerable Arie Crown Theater, and numerous recording sessions.

Moving to Hawaii in 1979 Weber formed a Country band playing at premier clubs in Honolulu and Waikiki, leaving in 1980 for LA Weber began doing some session work, and performed in several bands. Relocating again in the mid 1990’s to New York City Weber continued to do a bit of session work and performed in some bands, before stopping playing professionally for some time. Moving to Jacksonville Florida in 2000, Weber again picked up his musical career, and finally in 2012 formed a jazzrock/fusion band called Hot Shock which has performed at local Jacksonville area clubs and regional festivals.

In 2013 Weber composed and arranged songs, hired musicians, recorded released an album entitled Allen Weber Hot Shock. The album was produced by Weber as well. In 2014 released a live ep entitled “Live and Sparking” Both are in rotation on terrestrial radio in the USA, Mexico, UK, Italy, Germany, Holland, and some other countries. As well as internet radio on stations all over the world.

You Can Describe the Music This Way:

Jazz-rock/Fusion infused with Latin, Caribbean, Funk, Blues, and R & B

You could almost say it is World Jazz Fusion

In 2013 Weber took the people I recorded with and performed on YourJaxMusic tv show on CW17

Throughout his career, Weber has opened for Grammy Winning musicians, and popular recording artists.


Weber was featured artist of the day on Premier Internet Radio Jazz Station and his cd and ep are in regular rotation here.

Weber was Featured Jazz Member Story on Premier Jazz Website: All About Jazz (Front Page) on 2016-07-10 [Note: You may have to search through some of the pages as it is now in the archives, just find the date 2016-07-10 to see it]

Webhost Magazine in a section entitled: “Musicians That Rock the World” Created a page about Weber

Weber is quoted in a book on jazz “All That’’ Jazz” coming out either December 2016 or early 2017. The book was written by a jazz critic (who has 4 jazz books released by major publishers)

Press Quotes:

Patrick Ross of The Rhythmic Lounge magazine said of Weber in an article “Allen Weber, a modern and contemporary musician who proudly upholds the jazz traditions of the past, present, and now future.”

United In Music (music reviewer) said: “His [Allen Weber’s Hot Shock] makes your body move and added that little pop to your step, because you just got into the music as it played

He creates his own original style and does it very well!”

Where to Listen

The Allen Weber Hot Shock cd is available for streaming on:




and virtually every streaming service.

Most of 2015 and 2016 were dedicated to composing new material. Weber has co-authored material recorded by an international Ghanaian recording artist, among other projects.

And Weber composed material for a cd he expects to record and release in 2016. It will be funded via a kickstarter campaign.

If you want to get in on the fun when Allen Weber and his Hot Shock Band is performing next, Use the link for your personal invite to the Hot Shock Newsletter so you never miss another event.

You will get some cool and fun info too!


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