Professional Musicians and Reviewers reviews of the new Allen Weber album Hot Shock

Dr. Will Smith’s Review — Gong Xi One of the Songs on the Album

“What I liked about this piece [Gong Xi] was the fusion of styles that came together in an interesting way. The blend of reggae and rock under a Chinese theme creates a curious sonic experience.

Hearing the gong and the chants of AUM in the beginning almost reminded me of John Coltrane’s album “OM.” But the similarities end there the piece goes off in a whole different direction.

The piece never returns back to the beginning theme which is an interesting choice compositionally but I think this choice works as a fusion piece.” — Dr. Will Smith An active musician (performing world wide), recording artist, producer, composer, author, educator(online ethnomusicology program coordinator at North Carolina Central University. He also teaches classes at Howard University. )

You can read his full review here
Dr. Will Smith’s Playlist: Review (Fusion): Gong Xi — Allen Weber

The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine Dec 2013

“Allen Weber, a modern contemporary musician who proudly upholds the jazz traditions of the past, present and now future…

… the album smacks of 70’s rock tinged with Santana, Average White Band type grooves, and a hint of Caribbean… This is kick-back jazz-rock fusion music that is very listenable.” — TRL (The Rhythmic Lounge) Magazine Dec 2013 —Paul Gibbins Reviewer

“The band’s eclectic style includes: Jazz, Caribbean, Funk, Blues, Rock and R&B, which they have managed to form into a pleasantly cohesive sound that benefits from all these influences by never becoming boring or stale.

the listener is taken on a journey through funky riffs and bluesy solos… This is a good effort from a talented band.”

Paul Gibbins’ Full review

Musicians Reviews on the Album

“@HtShkBnd listened to your whole album on Spotify, it’s fuckin awesome!!” — Tommy Uribe
Musician. Songwriter. Engineer. Producer. Vinyl Collector.

You can get the Hot Shock album in digital and cd format at cdBaby


“Just received Allen Weber’s Hot Shock cd been jammin’ all day to it. Interesting, moving and grooving!

The rest of you should pick up a copy…it is completely unique and represents an artist that can think outside the box …which is musically refreshing these days.”Todd Wolfe (Band Leader Wolf Pack, Band Leader JerryTall and the Hip Replacements)


“I just received this delightful piece of ear candy. It’s quite possible to get lost in this awesome piece of art work.” Stewart Dalrymple musician


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