Fusion Band Hot Shock Performing the Song: Blues Sparks Instrumental from TV Filming

Playing the Song Blues Sparks Live

So there we were… filming an episode for the local CW network tv station. But since they were filming us, we wanted to give a behind the scenes view to you.

One thing kind of led to another, and to help you take you mind to different places when the music is playing, we added kaleidoscopic vusuals for you enjoyment.

The music is exactly what we recorded and is on the tv show.


This is a perfect example of jazz fusion. It combines, blues, rock and jaz. FOr the musicians listening, check out the turn arounds. Nice altered chords.

This song was inspired by listening to John McLaughlin’s cd “Now Here This” That is a great cd for you to mbuy. Get it along with the new Allen Weber cd Hot Shock. You will find Blues Sparks on that cd and many more songs.

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