Something Cool During Final Mix of Allen Weber Hot Shock Album 2013-09-26

R & B Producer Walks in During Mix and Calls Partner

So this was pretty cool. Andrew Perlowich and Allen Weber were in the final mix of Allen Weber’s Hot Shock band album at TrueTone Studios, when a producer working in a different room heard the song Gong Xi.

He walked into the room and asked Andrew who it was on the music.

Andrew asked him why, did he like it.

His answer “I LOVE it!”

He asked again who it was. And Andrew told him it was Allen Weber, and the album is called Hot Shock.

Andrew said, “It’s Allen Weber, this guy sitting right here. Allen is the guitarist and wrote the songs.”

The producer immediately asked for Allen’s card, and said he wouold be calling because he wanted to do some work wiht him.

After he left, Andrew said “You never know who you will meet in the studio.”

By the way, the entire album was finalized in mix today. look for it soon!

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