More Mixing for Allen Weber Hot Shock CD on Sept 4, 2013

Mixing and Mastering Coming Up

Well, after listening to the last mixes on the three songs, I found a few things that will be corrected in a very brief re-mix.

I really want this album to be a great listen for you. And when you hear it I want you to fell like you have to stop everything you are doing and listen to it.

I would like it to bring you the joy it brought me to make it for you!


We have been ruthlessly cutting so the songs do not become too long and bore you.

And all I can say is… It is really a good thing Ruth isn’t here (That’s how we are cutting ruthlessly)! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

In the mean time, we are calling around and writing to bloggers, magazines, and radio stations to see if they would be interested in playing or reviewing the album when it comes out.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know by posting them below!


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