Allen Weber “Hot Shock” Album 3 Songs Mixed, 5 to Go!

Studio Work is Fun

Well, after recording at the venerable… and famous Warehouse Studios (Ryan Turk Engineering the sessions), it was time to go to TrueTone Studios (Andrew Perlowich Engineering the mixing)

We overdubed some things we did not like from the live recording, and then started to do the mixing and mastering.

The first song mixed was Bricks Without Straw this is a funk groove, with lots of (jazz) chords. Primarily a lot of 13th chords. Also, 9th and a few 7th chords. Really nice groove, and after the mixing, John Baker’s bass has a really nice growling, snapping tone. After listening to it a few days on my music player, there are a few adjustments to the mix that need to be made to make it stronger.

Then we moved on to Gong Xi. This is a song that will absolutely take you on a mental trip… from the Buddhist temples, to the deserts in the Middle East, finally to the hot Latin Rhythms of South and Central America! True world jazz!

By the way… Gong Xi in Chinese means: Congratulations!

The final song mixed so far is Blues Sparks. This is an air guitarists delight! I’ll bet once you hear it, you can’t stop yourself from playing air guitar along to the song.


Mixing and mastering cool picture
Thought you would like this pic. I think it’s pretty cool!


Allen and Andrew hard at work mixing
Allen and Andrew hard at work mixing to make
the recording sound even better! Proper levels
and toning down ear hurting frequencies.


Apparently, Mike didn't like the mix :)
Apparently, Mike (keyboard player) didn’t like the mix 🙂
Don’t worry… no animals or musicians were harmed
during the filming and recording of this!


The mix
This is what the computer screen looks like during a mix.


Sill to Come

The artwork and liner notes are almost done. And another mixing session is happening on Wed Sept. 4, 2013.

A lot more work goes into a recording than you would think. So many details. But soon this recording will be available for you to get, and add to your collection. Soon we will be posting more snippets of songs, and pictures from the actual recording sesions.

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