Is “Smooth Jazz” Today’s Disco?

“Smooth Jazz” Disco

I was reading a blog article today that was pointed out to me by a friend.

The article is Whats wrong with Jazz today?

In the article, the author states that “While the student can transcribe solos and even learn to play them with the recordings – a very important part of learning Jazz – what isn’t coming across on recordings, among other things, is the intensity musicians perform with.”

Every Type of Music Has a Purpose

The style of music Hot Shock plays is fusion. It is very intense! Full of emotion! Driving. Yet, rhythmic. It takes you on a mental journey mostly through rapids on a white water raft 🙂

Hot Shock’’s music is for listening and dancing to.

Smooth Jazz

Smooth “Jazz” and much of what is referred to as jazz today is nothing more than un-emotional music that serves as a backdrop for doing something else.

Yes! It has a good beat. Just like disco.

Yes! You can dance to it, or bop to it. Just like disco.

Yes! it mesmorizes you… hypnotizes you like counting sheep, or the old hypnotist holding the watch in front of you and you watch it move back and forth… back and forth… left to right… right to left… You are getting sleepy… Oh sorry 🙂

While it is all syrupy and there are some really good technical players with excellent technical abilities… what is the miusic saying?

Does the music really touch you? Or, would it make great elevator or waiting room music. Something to bide the time while you are waiting.

That type of music does have it’s place. But it seems more like it is a sophisticated pop music.

But the Chords are Complex and the solo’s Use Modes Well Thought Out in Advance and Excecuted Perfectly!

70’s Disco Had Complex Chords Too!

As was said to me before…

“If you play it the same way, or are not improvising it’s something… BUT it’s NOT JAZZ!”

Jazz, and jazz fusion is based on improvisation. Not playing the same thing with no emotion over and over and over again.

The best jazz exists only in the moment. It is never played the same way twice. The chords may be. he melody may be. But when it comes time for soloing… never.

And that is the problem with calling smooth jazz “jazz”

It is good music. It sounds pretty. But jazz????

What do you think? Let’s hear your opinion. Post it below.

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