Allen Weber on Preparing Hot Shock for the Studio Part II

Rehearsals And More

TV Offer

And for great timing, out of the blue the first week of June came an offer to appear on local tv!

They knew about us, and just wanted to verify what they heard. So we were invited to an audition for a local tv show.

The comments from the shows producers “You guys are amazing!”

We are working on scheduling when to film at this point.

Adding the Additional Three Songs

So with the keyboard player and me working together every day tightening up, getting more and more feel for what each other will do and the thinking process, we started further refining everything.

And learning the three new songs.

In the mean time, John (bass), and Frank (drums) were learning their parts for the songs. Working on the feel, getting the breaks down, etc.

Which Studio

While taking and playing a few other shows, we wanted to spend more time rehearsing the songs.

It was also time to set the date and set the studio for the recording.

So I called the studio I had been talking with for the past six months, to set up and verify.

No return call. I started getting a bit concerned. And at the same time, the rhythm section was getting a bit frustrated as the band was now ready to record, and no one wanted to waste time rehearsing for something that was starting to look like it would not happen.

Finally I got in touch with the studio, and gave him several dates we wanted to go in to record, telling the studio owner I would confirm the date in a couple of days.

Originally we were talking about June 15. But the band was not ready, so there was no sense in wasting money in the studio.

Then it got pushed back to the end of June…

Rehearsal Pics

In the mean time, we thought you might like to see some pictures from a rehearsal.

Taken in the rehearsal studio… It was red shirt day, and someone did not get the notice 🙂

Rhythm Section

Frank at his drum kit
Frank at his kit making notes.

John Tuning Up

John tuning up… see how happy he is! Someone just told a joke, and he’’s trying not to laugh while he concentrates. 🙂

Chords and Melody

Mike at his keyboards
Wave Mike! Come on… wave to the camera.

Allen Guitar
Stop Posing and start playing. See the cute little practice amp 🙂


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