Preparing for the Studio Part II

Gig and Live Rehearsal

Well, 40 songs have been learned. Not all we will be recording, but five of the eight.

And now it is off to the first club date. Everyone is prepared. No one reading off charts on stage. It’s just not allowed in this band.

If you do that, you WILL miss a cue.

Learning From Each Other

Since the rhythm section is still working out each other’s nuances, learning each other’s expressions and what they mean, etc. We looked at this gig as a live dress rehearsal for the recording.

The songs we covered were tons of fun to play. The audience was up and dancing. We sprinkled the original songs into the set. Played them without announcing they were original songs, and people got up and danced.

Original Song Reception

Even better was people came up after sets when we played the original songs, and they were asking the names of those songs and who did them. They were surprised to learn they were original compositions.

So it was obvious we are on the right track regarding feel, and songs.

The next night went the same.

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