Allen Weber Asks What Is Fusion Music

What is Fusion Music

Now days it seems that Fusion is a nebulous term. It kind of reminds me of the movie Kingdom of Heaven when the guy defending Jerusalem Balian says to “What is Jerusalem worth to you?” and Saladin replies “Nothing. Everything!”

I would paraphrase that…

What Does Fusion Music Mean Today?

I say: It means Nothing because it now used to describe everything.

It seems to be the newest latest buzzword. However, if we look back to the fusion pioneers, we can see a long and illustrious history. And we can see the real meaning of fusion in music.

Miles Davis (he had almost every living master of jazz fusion in his band at one time or another), Joe Zawinul (Weather Report, and Joe Zawinul Band), John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Connonball Adderley (the man who brought Bossa Nova to the jazz world, and had both Joe Zawinul and George Duke in his band), Tony Williams (who had both John McLaughlin, and Alan Holdsworth in his band, not to mention Jack Bruce)

I would [musical] fusion as taking two or more styles of music. For this example let’s use jazz and rock. You could call this Jazz Fusion.

But we can go further…

Let’s add some Latin and/or African rhythms to jazz rock Fusion, and perhaps some Indian or Middle Eastern tonality and rhythms.

What have we got?

A Mess? Absolutely Not!

We have World Fusion.

Allen Weber created Hot Shock as a fusion band. But again today fusion does not really mean anything because it seems to mean everything.

Hot Shock has melded or (fused) a variety of genres together to create what founder Allen Weber calls Sandunga Jazz Fusion — Groove with Energy

Jazz Fusion infused with Latin, Carribeo, Funk, Blues, R & B and Rock. That pretty much describes it.

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