Cool Message For Allen Weber’s Hot Shock Album

After hearing the album Allen Weber’s Hot Shock, Musician, Songwriter, Engineer, Producer, and Vinyl Collector. Tommy Uribe sent this message via Twitter:

”@HtShkBnd listened to your whole album on Spotify, it’s fuckin awesome!!

We can only say: Thank You Tommy!

There is a new album in the works, and it there will be a kickstarter campaign about it, so you can participate and get some really cool Thank You gifts.

Watch for news.

In the mean time, you can buy the Awesome Allen Weber’s Hot Shock album in digital and cd format right here: album in at cdBaby

You can pick up the Live and Sparking EP here:

Live and Sparking EP Cover

If you want to get in on the fun when Allen Weber and his Hot Shock Band is performing next, Use the link for your personal invite to the Hot Shock Newsletter so you never miss another event.

You will get some cool and fun info too!


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