Another Successful Weekend @ the Brick 04/26/2013

Band Changes Sounding better

Well, Hot Shock struck again!

This time the new personnel were Jonathan Farnell (Drums), and John Baker (Bass)

John is a major league Groove Maker! He and Jonathan working together like a machine to create and hold a groove that Allen Weber (Guitar) could provide the icing and ear candy to.

They Danced Through The Night

Interestingly, you never know what songs the audience will dance to. But our job is to keep the rhythm infectous.

Friday Night people got up and started dancing to Hot Shock’s updated rendition of Jive Samba that Cannonball Adderley classic. That was the SECOND SONG of the First Set!

And by the end of the first set, when Hot Shock played Breezin’ everyone not dancing was bopping to the beat.

This continued through the night.

Saturday Night Originals

Saturday night we were testing some of Allen&rsquo’s compositions to see how an audience responds.

They were up and dancing to some of the songs. And when told they were original compositions, they started cheering.

In talking to some musicians who came to check Hot Shock out, they said the melody of Blues Sparks was still going through their head and started singing it back to Allen between sets!

CD Preparation

All this is in preparation for Allen Weber with Hot Shock’s first cd currently scheduled to be recorded in May 2013

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