Allen Weber with Hot Shock Live from the Brick 02/08/2013

Weekend Work… Song

Well Hot Shock just finished our second series of shows from our rotation engagement at the Brick.

We added three unrehearsed songs to our repertoire:

  • Work Song
  • So What
  • Watermelon Man

Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes!

This past weekend featured the debut of Hot Shock’s new drummer. The man has POCKET!

His pocket is way deeper than his pants.

He gave us a very solid foundation, and his interplay with Huggy B, Hot Shock’s bassist extraordinaire gave Huggy B a huge group of fans watching his every move and cheering him on!

Once again the crowd made a dance floor by the hostess station, and both nights people were dancing starting in the first set… dinner music!

If you were’t there, you surely missed out!

Do yuourself a favor and don&rsquo’t miss our next performance.

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