Dancing Machine Run By Allen Weber with Hot Shock

Allen Weber with Hot Shock Makes You a Dancing Machine

When Hot Shock was at the Land Shark people in the audience could not stop themselves.

There was no dance floor. There was no big area for dancing… Yet the pulsating rhythms coming from Hot Shock had people up on their feet making a space to dance!

Even the waitresses were bouncing their trays in time to the music.

Was It A Fluke?

Was it a fluke? A “One Off” thing?

Was the audience different?

Well, January at the Brick told the story.

Mad About Dancing!

At Hot Shock’s recent performance at the Brick there was even less space to dance.

But that did not stop us from playing our positively infectious rhythms of what we call our music Sandunga Jazz Fusion

The only place to dance at the Brick is by the hostess station.

People were actually getting up out of their chairs — with no requests from us, and making a dance floor out of the waiting area.

If they didn’t dance, people who were leaving after finishing dinner stopped and sat down in the waiting chairs to listen to us.

Waiters and Waitresses were bouncing their trays full of food and walking in time to the music we were playing!

Management did not like that so much. But the audience did.

It was interesting that as people were leaving they were looking us in the eyes and giving us a “Thumbs up” sign, or applauding or letting us know they really liked it.

Come See For Yourself

Don’t take our word for it… come and see for yourself!

Come and see us at our next show at the Brick. Feb 8 & 9 2013

3585 St. Johns Ave
Jacksonville, FL (Avondale area)

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