The Best Thing(s) About Music Are…

What Do You Feel Are the Best Thing(s) About Music

As a listener?

If you play an instrument, as a musician?

I’m not giving any suggestions, because the best thing(s) about music are individual, and I don’t want to influence your thinking. So please take a few moments, think about it, and then give a reply.

Looking Forward to your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “The Best Thing(s) About Music Are…

  1. Music brings people together. As a musician my favorite thing is moving people emotionally and physically. Music brings back and creates memories. I love a lot of genres of music from smooth jazz to hard rock, gospel to blues. Music can create a mood, think about a movie without music. A romantic moment can be greatly enhanced with music. Yes life without music would be very boring so crank it up and rock it baby.

  2. I really Love the sound these guys deliver. For me, it’s a feel of melodic blues with a touch of jazz. Really good to my ears!! I definitely look forward to hearing a lot more from these guys.

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