Hot Shock Band at Lillie’s 2014-04-05

Looks Like Rain

Well, last night Allen Weber’s Hot Shock Band was supposed to have an outdoor concert at Lillie’s

It is a really cool place to play, because the audience and the owners and staff love jazz, and fusion.

So there they were ready to go, and unfortunately, the rain came.

Moved Inside

The concert was moved inside to a much smaller area inside, but the crowd and staff loved it!

While Hot Shock much prefers the ambiance of seeing the clear skies and stars, as well as the great acoustics when playing outside…It was a great feeling to see the expressions on peoples faces as they were delighted with the music, and watching them uncontrollably start bopping to the rhythm laid down by drummer Brian Jenkins, and bassist Rich Christie… Both musicians extraordinaire.

And of course Allen Weber’s screaming guitar work had the audience on edge.

When asked, Allen said “These guys made it really easy to play. They are a great and powerful engine to drive the music!”

All told everyone had a great time!

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