Allen Weber Radio Interview On EGH

Listen to Allen Weber’s Interview on EGH Radio

So, we tried once and failed. The sound was horrible. Lots of hiss, or feedback.

It didn’t matter if computers were changed, or mic’s and headsets changed.

The first attempt was a failure.

Sticking With It

But we stuck with it. Rescheduled a time and date… and the magic happened!

Listen In

Listen Here to EGH Radio presents Allen Weber HOT SHOCK jazz fusion from EGH media.

The interview goes for about an hour, and includes some of the music from the album “Allen Weber Hot Shock”

If you want to get in on the fun when Allen Weber and his Hot Shock Band is performing next, Use the link for your personal invite to the Hot Shock Newsletter so you never miss another event.

You will get some cool and fun info too!


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