Hot Shock at Jack Rabbits Jacksonville Aug 5, 2012 Sweet Notes

Impressions of Jack Rabbits

Last night (Aug 5) Hot Shock performed at Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville.

It was a rainy night outside, but the music was hot inside.

Jack Rabbits is a little tricky to find if you have never been there before.

There is no sign outside. It’s kind of in the middle of a block. And there are restaurants on each side of it.

The stage is nice and comfortable, and the staff inside is stellar.

They are some of the nicest people we have worked with!

They are highly professional, yet laid back. And they sure know how to make a band feel welcome!

We are looking forward to returning.

And They better treat Rob right. He is one of the best sound engineers we have heard. He sure knows his stuff!

A bad sound engineer can make a great band sound horrible. A great sound engineer, makes it effortless for a great band to sound great. Kudo’s to Rob.

To the guy at the door… I apologize for not giving you props by name. I didn’t get your name. But very helpful, and truly professional. A definite asset to any establishment.

Tim Hall put together a great bill. Each band complimented each other. It was a great night for guitar lovers.
Kudo’s to Tim!

New Friends!

We were the first band of three.

Tony Smotherman Project followed by the headliner Larry Mitchell Band.

For the accomplishments of Tony and Larry, their amazing musicianship and the talent of the respective members of their bands… you would expect giant egos. Instead, they were all so humble, and nice. Everyone had a great comradery.

We expected a totally different attitude, but it goes to prove my belief… the more talented the person is, the nicer they are.

It also turned out Huggy B, Hot Shock’s bassist, was childhood friends with John the bassist in the Tony Smotherman Project and is friends with the drummer as well drummer.

Here is a picture of Allen Weber, Tony Smotherman, and Larry Mitchell after the show.

Allen Weber (Hot Shock guitarist), Tony Smotherman (Tony Smotherman Project guitarist), & Larry Mitchell (Larry Mitchell Band guitarist)
Allen Weber (Hot Shock guitarist), Tony Smotherman (Tony Smotherman Project guitarist), & Larry Mitchell (Larry Mitchell Band guitarist)

Tony, A blazing set! Love that violin tone you get on your guitar! Come back to JAX soon Larry! Super Hot set! Great grooves, and you really looked like you were having lot&rsquo’s of fun walking through the audience while playing!


Hot Shock led off and immediately we were plagued by equipment gremlins.

Huggy B’s cable started shorting out. A quick switch was made, and then his bass started shorting out.

Allen’s equipment decided not to be outdone by that… and all set long the sound kept cutting in and out.

Plagued by these distractions, the show went on… Hey sometimes shit happens, and we just have to deal with it.

Throughout the set, Hot Shock kept the groove, and good energy flowing.

The audience could feel it. We saw lots of heads bobbing in time to the music.

We performed two songs written by Allen. Bricks Without Straw and Gong Xi.

You can see the whole song list here:

Set List

News Paper Photographer

While performing, we suddenly saw someone taking pictures.

Turns out it was none other than Eric Takeyama on assignment from the Time Union newspaper.

You can see the pictures here

He got some great shots. The audience was having fun, you can see it.

Next time, maybe you will find yourself in a picture from a Hot Shock show!

Another Pic

Here is a picture of Hot Shock performing at Jack Rabbits

Shot of Hot Shock on stage at Jack Rabbits
Shot of Hot Shock on stage at Jack Rabbits


Hope to see you at our next appearance.

We will be at 1904 in Jacksonville on Friday Night August 17 from 10 – 11:30.

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